Our Calm Dental Office

Top 10 Reasons why People Choose Us!

1. Relaxation-Themed Treatment Rooms (office decor is like a vacation)

2. Personal Headphones and Ceiling TV (better than straining your neck)

3. Staff trained in “Ultimate Calmness” (just breathe…)

4. Mother’s room, a treatment room connected to the kid’s play room! (no excuses anymore!)

5. Medications for Relief + Anxiety (you’ll thank us later)

6. We just Simply Care! (this is enough, true us!)

7. Tranquil Aroma Therapy (really, who honestly wants to smell like a dental office?)

8. Lots of laugher (can’t hold in the joy)

9. We really Love You!

10. “You might still be afraid of dentists after seeing us, but you will not be afraid of Dr. Yoon!” – Cape Vista Dental Motto